ISIS also rejects Islam, which is different from their understanding."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The social media has been used widely by ISIS to spread its ideology and recruit new militants, an international observer stated.

"ISIS uses social media to recruit new militants and disseminate its propaganda," an ISIS observer from the University of Vienna Dr Nico Prucha stated at the International Summit of the Moderate Islamic Leaders here on Tuesday.

Therefore, ISIS ideology can be spread easily through the dissemination of its doctrine via social media.

"People in other countries view ISIS as a true form of Islam," Prucha pointed out.

Prucha said that ISIS uploaded two videos on a daily basis. They used Arabic as a medium of communication in their videos, and they were translated into other languages.

"As much as 95 percent (of the videos) are in Arabic, and five percent are in other languages, such as German, Dutch, and English," Prucha stated.

ISIS had sympathizers in various European countries who signed in as immigrants.

"As a result, European countries are denying entry to Muslim immigrants," Prucha noted.

ISIS has claimed it follows the true form of Islam that is in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.

"ISIS also rejects Islam, which is different from their understanding," Prucha noted.

"ISIS rejects how Islam is practiced in Indonesia, and it assumes that Islam Nusantara is wrong as the ideology upholds tolerance towards people of other religions," Prucha affirmed.

In addition, ISIS also controls the land in Syria and Iraq.

"The ISIS movement is very dangerous as the group uses the approach of violence and war," he emphasized.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated that radical movements had earlier arisen from Islamic states, which had failed to develop, and their internal conflicts had spread to other countries.

"If we look back at history, radical movements had always arisen from failed Islamic countries. Al-Qaeda originated in Afghanistan, which failed to develop, and ISIS is from Iraq and Syria that we know have issues there," Kalla noted in a speech at the opening of the High-Level International Conference on Moderate Islam here on Monday.

The vice president explained that the failure of some Islamic countries had fueled the radical movement, which was caused by two main factors: the arbitrariness of the leaders and public ire towards the government.

"We know what happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya where the leaders did not respect (the aspirations of) their own people, and so, the large countries attacked them on grounds of establishing democracy," Kalla explained.

The devastation in the failed countries had triggered concern among the public regarding the future of their nation and initiated the emergence of radicalism, which later evolved into terrorism.

Hence, to overcome the problem of radicalism and terrorism, it was necessary to boost unity among Islamic countries, the vice president remarked.

The 1.6 billion Muslims living in 57 countries across the world should act as a driving force to spread the goodness of Islam.

Islamic countries should use their natural resources moderately, especially in the oil and gas sector. The vice president called for the efficient use of these resources, in a way that does not create divisions among Muslim nations.

"Of course, we all want a moderate Islamic state, which lends purpose to us all as Islam is a religion that offers grace, promotes goodness, and unites the entire community. That is the purpose and ideals we all (follow)," he added.

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