IDB and the Indonesian government are also cooperating to improve Indonesia`s financial system."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is exploring cooperation with the National Association of Indonesian Consultants (INKINDO) to involve Indonesias consultants in its projects.

"Firstly, we will organize a seminar to harmonize the regulation for engineering and development capacity," INKINDO Chairman Nugroho Pudji Rahardjo stated here on Wednesday.

Rahardjo hoped that the IDB will also involve Islamic nations in the technical field.

"Indonesia has several experts with competence in various fields, such as petroleum engineering, marine, and arts that require IDB qualifications," he remarked.

Rahardjo explained that cooperation with international institutions was important to compete with other countries following the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

"We should understand and study the regulations to compete with other countries to face the AEC. Hence, we will continue to collaborate with other international institutions," he noted.

Meanwhile, Senior Procurement Specialist of IDB Bauzid Ottman expected that a memorandum of understanding can be realized for conducting a seminar to hold detailed discussions on engineering and financial regulations.

"We hope IDB can collaborate with Inkindo for projects financed by the bank, both in Indonesia and abroad," he stated.

Ottman also affirmed that 56 companies and non-governmental organizations were involved in various projects of IDB.

"The procurement of consulting services generally takes 60 days, while it takes 90 days for large and complex projects," he remarked.

Earlier, Indonesia had significantly contributed to the mechanism of technical cooperation at the IDB by supporting member states through reverse linkage, IDB President Ahmad Mohamed Ali Al-Madani pointed out.

IDB is also committed to supporting the Indonesian government in facing a wide range of development challenges, particularly in infrastructure development, poverty eradication, and quality improvement, he noted at a press conference held on the sidelines of IDBs annual session here on Monday.

"IDB and the Indonesian government are also cooperating to improve Indonesias financial system," Al-Madani stated.

He claimed that IDB was also offering technical assistance to member and non-member states to create a system to support sharia-compliant financial growth.

"In 2015, IDB launched 36 assistance programs in seven member and 29 non-member states. Of the total, 10 were intended to offer emergency assistance of US$6 million to seven member and three non-member states," Al-Madani added.

Meanwhile, IDB Chief Economist Savas Alpay stated that the bank was also providing loans and assistance to expedite social and economic development in member states.

"IDB always assesses a wide range of activities related to the sources of funding, capacity building programs, financing, cooperation and contributions to sharia financial services," he added.

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