Excellent service, hospitality and cleanliness are the priorities that must be kept in mind ..."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara is gearing up for the 26th National Quran Recital Competition, better known as Musabaqoh Tilawatil Quran (MTQ), in Lombok island, from July 28 to August 7, 2016.

The participants from 34 provinces for the National Quran Recital Competition are estimated to be more than five thousand, not to mention the number of entertainers.

The national annual Quran recital competition is intended to encourage the participants to memorize Quran and to learn more from the Muslim holy book.

Such a competition will help discover hidden talents in Indonesia who, through this important channel, can compete favorably with their counterparts across the country.

Whoever emerges the overall best in the competition will represent his or her province in the next edition of the same event.

The MTQ can help motivate the participants to not only read the Holy Quran but also apply its teachings and practice it in everyday life.

The National Quran Recital Competition adds to the momentum when it comes to inculcate a strong character and raise a good community because one can learn many lessons during the MTQ.

One of the benefits to the society includes proper learning and internalization of the meaning and interpretation of the Quran, as revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

The more the youth dedicate themselves to learning how to read and understand the Quran in a precise and accurate manner, the easier it will be to keep them away from violence and extremism.

Nobody will be able to push them into doing what is not ordained in the Quran. Indonesia will have an appreciable number of such young people who will teach even the future generations the right attitude and culture of Islam.

Besides, this will encourage Muslim youths not only in the day-to-day recitation of the Quran, but also forge unity and a sense of Muslim brotherhood among them.

Learning and adopting the meaning and interpretation of the Holy Quran, as revealed to Prophet Muhammad through angel Gabriel more than 1,400 years ago, has been the foundation of the Islamic faith and an integral part of Islamic society.

Various Islamic States normally conduct their respective Quran reading competitions annually, not for the purpose of adjudging athletic prowess of the reciters but to promote and develop a strong unity and a sense of Islamic brotherhood among Muslims and intensify learning the ways to correct recitation of the Holy Quran and follow all its disciplines in the manner it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

The annual Quran reading competition is recognized and supported by the government for the purpose of promoting, preserving and enhancing the Islamic heritage of Muslims in Indonesia.

On the "taarof night" or the night of introduction in the 26th National Quran Recital Competition in the island of Lombok, a total of 44 units of floats representing 34 provinces, and ten districts/cities in West Nusa Tenggara, will enliven the event.

MTQ organizing committee spokesman Lalu Gita Aryadi remarked in Mataram on Thursday that the parade of floats on the taaruf night will be an official exercise to initiate the 26th MTQ in the province.

West Nusa Tenggara Police will deploy more than 1.8 thousand personnel to ensure the security of the National Quran Recital Competition.

In a security operation for the MTQ, the police will also be assisted by the members of the military, civil service police unit, Hamzanwadi youths and Ansor youths, according to West Nusa Tenggara Police spokesman, Senior Commissioner Dewa Putu Maningka.

Maningka said security will be intensified right from the time of the arrival and till the departure of the invited guests and the qari and qariah from all provinces in Indonesia who will participate in the national MTQ.

Security exercises will be carried out all over the place with regard to the National MTQ, like the hotel, the venue of the competition, on the streets, at various tourism destinations, and at the centers for folk craft that will surely be visited by the qari and qariah.

Mataram city administration will install approximately 2.5 thousand lanterns reflecting religious nuances as an accessory in order to enliven the National MTQ in Lombok Island.

These will be installed along the streets of Langko in front of the Islamic Center, Udayana, Airlangga and Pejanggik Cakranegara.

In addition, the Mataram city administration has also called on the local tourism actors to participate in making the National Quran Recital Competition a great success.

"Excellent service, hospitality and cleanliness are the priorities that must be kept in mind so that the guests and the participants carry a good impression," Mataram Deputy Mayor Mohan Roliskana remarked during a meeting with the tourism actors and entrepreneurs in Mataram on Thursday.

Accompanied by Mataram Culture and Tourism Office Chief Abdul Latif Nadjib, Roliskana asked the representatives of those with a stake in tourism, such as hotel and restaurant employers and travel agents, to provide full support to ensure the success of this national event.

Reporter: Otniel Tamindael
Editor: Priyambodo RH
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