Guangdong offers subsidies up to 80 million RMB to recruit "Pearl River Talents"

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Guangzhou, China, Aug. 10, 2016 (Antara/Xinhua-AsiaNet) --

Guangdong has launched its annual global talent-hunting project named 2016 Guangdong "Pearl River Talents Plan", looking for innovative and entrepreneurial teams and leading talents. Application acceptance will end on August 31st, and all applicants should submit applications on the official website (

It is aiming to implement the innovation-driven development strategy of the province, by recruiting top domestic and overseas talents for Guangdong's innovation and entrepreneurship.

According to the notice, innovative and entrepreneurial teams and leading talents shall apply and be reviewed in two categories including "Technology R&D and Industrialization" and "Applied Basic Research". And "Global Young Talent Team Project" is especially established for innovative and entrepreneurial teams.

World topnotch teams will get up to 80 million RMB subsidy, and leading talents will get 6 million yuan subsidy, including 5 million yuan special work fund, and 1 million yuan (after tax) housing subsidy.

The talents should work in Guangdong for at least five consecutive years after being introduced, leading talents should work full time in Guangdong and teams must meet relevant requirements on working method and working time in Guangdong.

Contact Information:

Special Office of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Teams Introduction, Guangdong
Provincial Science and Technology Department
Tel: +86-020- 83163919, 83163358, 83163355
Fax: +86-020- 83163914

Office of Leading Talents Introduction, Guangdong Provincial Department of
Human Resources and Social Security
Tel: +86-020- 83134790, 83134791
Fax: +86-020- 83134793

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Source: News Office of the Guangdong Provincial Government