President urges HIPMI to play role in development efforts

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo has asked young entrepreneurs grouped in the Association of Indonesian Young Businessmen (HIPMI) to play a role in the countrys development efforts, including in the regions.

"The chairman of the Association of Senior Members of HIPMI, Oesman Sapta Odang, has told us a lot about HIPMIs role. If we compare the progress since 1970s and 1980s, the significant role it played would be visible," President Jokowi said in his speech at a national dialogue meeting of ISHI (the Association of Senior Members of HIPMI) here on Friday.

He expressed the hope that HIPMI would be able to play a big role in the current era as part of the national development efforts in Jakarta as well as in the regions, particularly because the nation faces challenges that are not minor.

He reminded that many countries have experienced an economic decline. While some suffered a decline of two or three percent, one country even suffered a decline of minus 3.5 percent.

He assured that the government would remain committed to a policy of transparency and encouraging competition.

"That is a model we must develop. Competition among countries and regions is unavoidable. The ASEAN Economic Community mechanism has come into force in 2016. The shift towards transparency will continue in 2018 and taxation and banking sector would be made transparent. Wherever you keep your funds will be known," he stressed.

He pointed out that the current slowdown of economy in the world has been worsened by unfavorable regional political conditions in the Middle East and the European Union.

"The condition in the Middle East is unfavorable while Europe has been flooded by refugees," he explained.

The event was also attended by former HIPMI chiefs Siswaono Yudhohusodo, Aburizal Bakria, including M Luthi.

President Jokowi emphasized that his government is committed to transparency and competition.

"Following my observation, I found that our people usually respond with all their ability if they are challenged by competitors while, on the other hand, they will not develop if they are given facilities or subsidies," he elaborated, referring to Garuda Indonesia and state-owned banks that have made profit after the government opened access to foreign banks and airline companies.(*)