Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore has launched the Indonesia-Singapore Worker Card (KPIS), an identity card for Indonesian citizens employed as domestic workers in the neighboring country.

Based on a press release received here on Tuesday, the launch was held to coincide with the celebrations of Indonesias 71st year of independence at the embassy complex on Chatsworth Road, Singapore.

This card will be distributed for free to Indonesian domestic helpers in Singapore.

The identity card can also serve as a medium to facilitate services, protect workers, receive information, handle complaints, and receive promos or discounts on various products and trainings.

In addition, the KPIS has a scan code that can be used to download a variety of useful guidance material for migrant workers in Singapore and the latest information from the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore.

Furthermore, the KPIS will be integrated with the state-owned lender BNI.

The KPIS will function as an automated teller machine card.

The BNI will also provide various offers, one of which being the money transfer services through the state-owned lender under which the users will receive a discount of 50 cents per Singaporean dollar.

The registration process will start from Nov. 14, 2016.

The KPIS will be made compulsory for all Indonesian workers in Singapore in the near future, as stated by the Embassy of Singapore in its press statement.



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