Indonesian aircraft maker showcases N219 cockpit simulator

Bandung, W.Java (ANTARA News) - Indonesian aircraft maker PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) is showcasing its new product, N219 cockpit simulator, at the Indonesia Business & Development (IBD) Expo 2016 being held from September 8 - 11.

"We are showcasing CN235 model and N219 cockpit simulator," the spokesperson of PTDDI, Irland Budiman, said here on Friday.

The simulator is the main attraction at the PTDI booth as visitors are allowed piloting the N219 and fly as if they are in N219.

Irland said N219 was included in the booth of best innovation products created by Indonesian human resources.

N219 is a multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft designed to be operated in remote areas. It is a developed version of NC212, produced by PTDI under CASAs license.

Indonesia Business & Development (IBD) Expo 2016 is witnessing the participation of 118 companies with 700 subsidiaries and 1,100 local government enterprises.

The event, which features the BUMN (the state-owned enterprises) awards, an exhibition, an international conference, seminars, and many other programs, is being held under the theme: State-owned Enterprises are Agents of Development.

The Expo is a platform to promote and market various innovative products as well as an opportunity for stakeholders to explore investment opportunities.