Jakarta, 30th September 2016 (Antara) – Renowned retailer of traditional Indonesian products, Sarinah will celebrate National Batik Day on Sunday, 2nd October 2016 which will commence from 6:30 A.M. – 10 A.M. at its Thamrin department store location. As a leading state-owned enterprise with immense pride in its local heritage, Sarinah has also partnered with the Indonesian Batik Foundation as well as the Indonesian Scout Movement. Furthermore, Sarinah is also working alongside the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and will thus makes available a bazaar showcasing a range of locally-made products.

During the “Batikmu, Batikku, Batik Kita Beda, Tapi Kita Indonesia” event, Sarinah’s Board of Directors will be joined by 1,000 members from the Indonesian Scout Movement for a wall signing ceremony which reiterates both parties’ dedication to preserving batik as an ancient Indonesian artform. In keeping with its role as a modern retailer, Sarinah will additionally host a fashion show featuring budding Batik fashion designers from Indonesia. This opportunity will enable guests and visitors to gain better understanding of the wide array of batik clothing styles and its position in the country’s increasingly trend-savvy society. To further provide an all encompassing shopping experience, Sarinah is set to further provide live entertainment for visitors.

Sarinah’s participation in celebrating National Batik Day is an effort that demonstrates the company’s unsurpassed commitment to maintain traditional crafts and heritage as part of its business operations. As such, Sarinah exemplifies its standing as highly-regarded retail of modern and traditional products as well as its role as the Home of Indonesian Heritage.

About PT Sarinah (Persero)

Founded in 1962, PT Sarinah (Persero) is an iconic brand nationally recognised as the centre of retail and trade for Indonesian goods. Having established the country’s first department store, the state owned enterprise is well known for pioneering the introduction of the modern retail experience in Indonesia and currently stands as the foremost emporium for handicrafts, fashion and furniture serving both local and international consumers.

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For further information, please contact: Magry Warganegara, GM Corporate Secretary PT Sarinah (Persero), phone: 021-31923008

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