Missing aircraft found compeltely shattered in Papua mountain

Timika, Papua (ANTARA News) - The DHC4 PK-SWW cargo aircraft missing since Monday was found completely shattered in Papua mountain 12,800 feet above the sea level in the area between Jila and Ilaga.

No report yet about the fate of those on board all crewmen including pilot Captain Fahmi Parhat (56) and co-pilot R Fendy Ardianto (38), Steven David Basari (35) as EOB and Endri Baringin Sakti P (40) as FOO.

Apparently the Canadian made aircraft, 45 years old, had crashed on the mountain on its way from Timika to Ilaga on Monday with cargo of 3.1 tons of building materials.

Head of the Timika Search and Rescue Agency Makhfud said the wreckage of the aircraft was found on Tuesday morning at 06.30 local time at a location 6 miles from Ilaga and 9 miles from Jila.

"The aircraft was shattered but we could not locate any of the crewmen. We hope for a miracle," Makhfud , who led the search , said.

He said he did not even know the name of the mountain.

The search and rescue team is preparing for the evacuation of the victims, who have yet to be found.(*)