PAN politician summoned to clarify statement over terrorism

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Eko Patrio, a politician from the National Mandate Party (PAN), has been summoned by the police to clarify about his statement regarding arrests of suspected terrorists in Bekasi.

"He will only be asked to clarify about what he meant by his statement reported in the media," Head of Public Information Bureau of the Indonesia Polices Public Relations Division, Senior Commissioner Rikwanto, said here Thursday.

Eko, in his statement, has accused the police of merely distracting public attention with their recent arrests of suspected terrorists in Bekasi.

His being summoned was part of the process of investigation, Rikwanto said.

Investigators would send the second summons if the comedian-turned politician failed to respond to the first, he said.

The police were concerned over Ekos accusation that the arrests of the terrorist suspects by anti-terrorist squad Densus 88 were merely a means to distract public attention, Rikwanto said.

"We are concerned, as they may not accuse like that as it has to do with a state duty and mandate of the law," he said.

The police carried out their duty based on the law, and it is full of risks not only for the police but also the community, Rikwanto said.

The police carried out their duty of protecting the state and the community, and when Eko said the police only "played a game" when they arrested terrorists it indeed hurt not only the state but also the community, he said.

If Eko felt he had not been interviewed by mass media it would be better if he clarified the matter so that the police could investigate further, Rikwanto said.

On Saturday (December 10), Densus 88 arrested three suspected terrorists, MNS and AS (males) and DYN (female).

MNS and AS were seized on the Kalimalang fly-over road in Bekasi, while DYN was arrested in her rented flat in Bintara Jaya 8 Road, Bekasi.

The police found a home-made bomb disguised as a rice cooker in the flat.

The Jakarta Police Bomb Unit detonated one of the three active bombs found at the crime scene, Saturday evening.

Meanwhile, another suspect with the initial S, aka Abu Iza, was arrested in the Sabrang Kulon Matesih area, Karanganyar Sub-district, Solo, Central Java, on the same day.

Investigations revealed that MNS network had planned to carry out a bomb attack on the State Palace grounds in Jakarta on Sunday morning.

"The plan was for MNS and AS to take DYN to Istiqlal mosque on Sunday (Dec 10) morning. DYN would then walk to the palace on her own," Senior Commissioner Awi Setiyono, head of the Cooperation Bureau of the National Polices Public Information Services, revealed.

DYN was appointed the "bride" of the "amaliyah" act and had intended to take advantage of the timing of the guard exchange at the State Palace.(*)