Police arrest 14 members of MNS` suspected terrorist network

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - In the past few days, Indonesias police anti-terrorist squad Densus 88 has arrested 14 suspected terrorists linked to the MNS group loyal to ISIS.

"Fourteen people have been arrested after being identified as members of a network," Senior Commissioner Martinus Sitompul, head of the Public Information Division of the Indonesia Police, said at the Indonesia Police Headquarters here on Monday.

On Saturday (Dec 10) Densus 88 arrested three suspected terrorists MNS, AS and DYN (female).

MNS and AS were arrested at Kalimalang flyover in Bekasi, West Java, while DYN was held at her home on Jalan Bintara Jaya 8, Bekasi.

Muhammad Nur Solihin or MNS (26) is known to be the leader of the group. He recruited DYN, AS, Suyanto, and KF, and received money transfers from Bahrun Naim, an ISIS fighter from Indonesia.

Agus Supriyadi alias Agus bin Panut Harjo Sudarmon or AS (36) rented a car and, along with MNS, received a bomb from Suyanto in Karanganyar, Central Java, and brought it to Bekasi.

Dian Yulia Novi (DYN) alias Ayatul Nissa binti Asnawi (27), a housewife, is suspected to have been trained to become a suicide bomber.

Suyanto (40) alias Abu Iza alias Abdu Daroini bin Harjo Suwito was arrested in Sabrang Kulong, Matesih, Karanganyar, Solo, Central Java, on Saturday night (Dec 10).

Suyanto, a farmer, provided his home for assembling a bomb and brought it from his home to a gas filling station near a dam in Karanganyar before giving it to MNS and AS.

On Sunday (Dec 11) a Densus 88 team arrested three other members of the MNS network.

KF (22) was arrested in Ngawi, East Java, APM (25) in Solo, Central Java, and WP (24) in Klaten, Central Java.

Khafid Fatoni (KF) alias Toni bin Rifai, a university student, was producing TATP explosives at his house in Ngawi after Bahrun Naim instructed him (through an internet system) to assemble a bomb with MNS at Suyantos home.

"KF has often communicated with Bahrun Naim," Martinus Sitompul said.

Arinda Putri Maharani (APM) alias Arinda binti Winarso (25), a housewife, knew about the plot and received money for making the bomb.

Wawan Prasetyawan (WP) alias Abu Umar bin Sakiman (24), a construction laborer, prepared explosive materials on MNS orders.

"Based on developments following Wawans arrest, three more terrorist suspects have been arrested," Martinus said.

The three are: Imam Syafiee (33), believed to be the perpetrator of a molotov bomb terror attack at Alfamart shop in Solo on November 5, and also at Candi Resto in Solo Baru on December 3, 2016; Sumarno (44), who was caught in Klaten; and Sunarto (30), who was caught in Karanganyar. The last two are suspected to be the perpetrators of a terror attack at Candi Resto.

The Densus 88 team also arrested suspected female terrorist TS alias UA in Tasikmalaya, West Java.

"She was caught on Thursday (Dec 15) around 4.30 am in her house in Padasuka, Sukamaju Kaler, Indihiang Kota, Tasikmalaya," he said.

TS, who is a housewife, is believed to have motivated DYN to carry out jihad and help her meet MNS.

On the same day Densus 88 arrested Ika Puspitasari (IP) in Tegalsari, Brenggong, Purworejo, Central Java.

On Sunday (Dec 18) the police arrested suspected terrorist Tri Setiyoko (TS), a villager of Kampung Sewu, Jebres, Solo, Central Java.

Tri Setiyoko is suspected to be involved in the molotov bombing in Serengan, Solo, and Grogol, Sukoharjo, in Central Java.

Another suspected terrorist arrested is Yasir (YSR) from Semanggi, Solo.

"TS and YSR are suspected to have mixed the explosive materials and made the bomb that would be detonated in Java, with IP projected to be the executor," he said.(*)