Hatta Ali reelected as Supreme Court chief justice

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Justice Hatta Ali has been reelected as the chief justice of the Indonesian Supreme Court in a recent election.

Ali swept to the victory ahead of three other candidates, with more than 50 percent or 38 of 47 votes.

"Since he has gained 50 percent of the vote plus one, His Excellency Hatta Ali is reelected as chief justice of the Supreme Court," chief of the Supreme Courts administration center Aco Nur said at the Supreme Court building here on Tuesday.

In the election, justice Andi Samsan Nganro gained seven votes, while Supreme Court spokesman Suhadi and justice YM. Mukti Arto got one vote each.

Hatta Ali took up the post of Supreme Court chief justice for the 2012-2017 period in Feb 2012 when he outclassed four other candidates.

He first became a judge in 1982 when he took up a position in the North Jakarta District Court. He was appointed to the High Court in 2003 and then to the Supreme Court in 2007.

Based on the Supreme Court chief justices decree No. 12/KMA/SK/I/2017, the Supreme Court chief justice is elected from and by the Supreme Court justices.

Each justice has the right to elect and to be elected as Supreme Court chief justice.(*)