Indonesia likely to mediate Palestine`s reconciliation

Tehran, Iran (ANTARA News) - An Indonesian House of Representatives member, Mahfuz Sidik, said that Indonesia is very likely to take a role as a mediator in continuing reconciliation on Palestine issue, which is still deadlocked.

In an interview ahead of the implementation of the International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada organized by the government of Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran on Feb 21-22, 2017, Mahfuz here on Monday (Feb 20) explained that he had a discussion with Palestinian Parliamentarian and President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on the issue of reconciliation.

"Basically, all sides agreed to achieve reconciliation," he said, adding that the reconciliation cannot be realized without the help of third-party mediation.

"We know that the mediation of Egypt has no clear outcome, and I think Indonesia has a good position in Palestine political circles and the people," Mahfuz stated.

He explained that Indonesia is very likely take the position of the third party in carrying out the reconciliation, because none of the factions in the Palestinian parliament have objected to it.

"I think all we need now is real action and initiation of the Indonesian government to communicate with the Palestinians in order to start the mediation, which is currently at a standstill," Mahfuz noted.

According to him, the Indonesian government does not have to wait for the continuation of mediation by Egypt, because the country is facing quite complicated domestic problems.

"The reconciliation becomes a pre-requisite to solve other problems in Palestine," he remarked.

He also suggested that Indonesian President Joko Widodo should appoint a special envoy to meet Abbas and Haniyeh, as well as political forces and figures to discuss the idea of reconciliation.

"Later on, this idea will be discussed by Indonesia as a mediator. The proposal to be the mediator should be formally submitted by the Widodo to Abbas," Mahfuz explained.(*)