Anti-graft agency asked to remain firm despite denials of corruption charges

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A leading young cadre of the Golkar party Ahmad Doli Kurnia asked the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to remain firm in its commitment to unearthing a big corruption case implicating many big names in the country.

The KPK prosecution last week brought to court the case of corruption in the procurement of electronic identity (e-ID) card involving more than Rp5.5 trillion in state fund in 2011-2012 with two former senior officials of the Home Affairs Ministry Irman and Sugiharto as the suspects.

"I think KPK should not back down and become hesitant in pursuing the investigation of the case despite strong denials by the Parliament members including its leader whose names were mentioned in the indictment," Doli Kurnia said here on Monday.

The KPK prosecutor in its indictment also implicated former Home Affairs Minister, former secretary general of the ministry and more than 50 lawmakers and former lawmakers to have received a share in the embezzled money including Golkar lawmakers.

Some of the former lawmakers have become active minister and governors and Parliament speaker.

Doli said KPK, which has been given big authority, has won strong support from the public to uproot corruption, which is rampant in the country.

There has been no suspect named by KPK has escaped the law, indicating that KPK already has strong proof before saying anyone involved in a corruption case, he said.

KPK would have an opportunity to lift its reputation to a higher level by not hesitating to face big names as mentioned in the indictment.

"This is also an opportunity for KPK to prove that it is not a tool of those in power and that it is entirely independent from any political powers.

"Especially as the President has said that the e-ID card scandal has to be fully resolved regardless of the big names involved," Doli said.

He said the public would want to see the determination and capability of KPK to deal with the e-ID card scandal and other big scandals like Bank Century.

"We all support KPK to work independently and professionally to clean the country of corruption," he added.(*)