Legislators traveling abroad criticized

Mataram, W Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - Sharp criticism has been addressed to a number of leaders and members of the West Nusa Tenggara Legislative Assembly (DPRD) traveling to Berlin when they are needed here as regional budget watchdogs.

Deputy chairman of the PDIP faction of the provincial DPRD Ruslan Turmuzi said the foreign trip of a number of the legislative assembly leaders and member was against their function and a neglect of duty to control the spending of regional budget.

The regional lawmakers left the country for Germany on March 8-12 .

Ruslan said the group had neglected their duty , therefore, they need to give explanation about the urgency of the travel especially about expenses .

There is no allocation for foreign trip in the regional budget, he said.

"We could not travel together with other institutions. Executive and legislative are two different agencies. Financed by sponsor is a corruption," he said.

He said leaders and members of Commission II of the legislative assembly traveled abroad by turn since last year.

"Last year there were among them left the country and this year, there are other but it was not clear who paid for their expenses," he said.

He said the absence of some of the assembly leaders resulted in a delay in a number of agenda like plenary session and election of BK chairman.

"This clearly a problem as there are many agenda postponed even are not certain when the agenda are to be carried out," he said.

Among the legislators traveling to Germany include members of the Commission II - Khudori Ibrahim, Yek Agil, Burhanudin, Jazuli Azhar - chairman of the legislative assembly Isvie Rupaeda, deputy chairman Mori Hanapi, and H Mahally Fikri.(*)