Unlike Indonesia, Cuban paper industry has yet to be optimized."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Ambassador of Cuba to Indonesia Nirsia Castro Guevara said here on Tuesday that her government welcomes Indonesian investment in supporting Cuban pulp and paper industries.

"Unlike Indonesia, Cuban paper industry has yet to be optimized. Therefore, it would be interesting if Indonesian companies could take this investment opportunity," Nirsia stated at the Embassy of Cuba to Indonesia in Jakarta.

The ambassador, earlier on Friday in a media gathering held by the embassy, noted that the bilateral relation between Indonesia and Cuba needs to be improved by implementing reciprocal measures in various sectors.

"I believe the two governments could involve in mutual action; for example, Indonesia has plenty of experience in establishing its paper mill industry, while Cuba has been advanced in developing its universal healthcare system," she noted.

The ambassador added that her government now has developed a preventive healthcare system which is very important to control many infectious diseases, including diarrhea and ebola.

" Cuba could share its knowledge on preventive healthcare system, which has been adopted in Africa to fight Ebola, regarfing the high rate of mortality because of infectious diseases such as diarrhea in Indonesia, "she reiterated.

She further added that Indonesian investors could visit Cubas International Trade Fair, which is held annually in Oct to know more about investment opportunity in the country.

"The trade fair facilitates Cuban companies to meet foreign investors from many countries, including South Korea, China, and Malaysia. During last years event, there were two participants from Indonesia," she stated.

During the event, the ambassador also promoted Cubas tourism by promoting several attractions, including salsa and ballet dance festivals, as well as introducing some of the beautiful natural landscapes and historical heritages.

"The idea is to develop multifaceted and diverse tourism not only to exhibit the natural landscape but also the heritage and healthcare system as tourist attractions," the ambassador pointed out.

Reporter: Genta Tenri Mawangi
Editor: Priyambodo RH
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