Jakarta police ask FPI not to mobilize masses

"FPI supporters should not go to the airport," Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General M Iriawan stated.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General M Iriawan has called on Islam Defenders Front (FPI) leader Rizieq Shihab not to mobilize the masses on his return to the country.

"It is not necessary to mobilize the masses," M Iriawan said here on Thursday.

He stated that the legal process of Shihab would run on track.

The legal case of Shihab should not involve the community component, he noted.

"FPI supporters should not go to the airport," he stated.

Iriawan reminded that the public should not worry over Shihab's return to Indonesia.

It was reported earlier that there was circulation of leaflets on social media on the action plan to pick Rizieq up at Soekarno-Hatta in Tangerang, Banten.

The leaflet urged FPI supporters to "close all the roads toward all (airport) terminals. Do not let anyone have a chance to disrupt his arrival. Wait for the D-day, which will be announced nationally."

Jakarta police earlier named Shihab, as a suspect over his alleged involvement in pornographic chats and pictures with Firza Husein.

"Investigators have increased the status of Shihab from a witness to a suspect," head of public relations of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Command, Senior Commissioner Argo Yuwono, confirmed here on Monday.

He remarked that the investigators of the Directorate of Special Crime Investigation of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Command have exposed the case in dealing with the pornographic case implicating Rizieq and Firza.

Argo explained that the police have discovered enough evidence based on the results of the exposition to raise the status of Rizieq as suspect.

"Certainly, investigators have found enough evidence, such as records of their chats and cellphones (used for the chats)," he revealed.

Police have earlier named Firza as a suspect in connection with alleged distribution of vulgar chats and photos involving Shihab (on May 16).

Police have charged Firza with violating Article 4 paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 29, and or Article 6 in conjunction with Article 32, and or Article 8 in conjunction with Article 34 of Law Number 44, 2008 on pornography, carrying a sentence of up to above five years in jail.

Right now, investigators are yet to question Shihab as the person concerned is still in Saudi Arabia after conducting a minor hajj pilgrimage.(*)