Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Covering the Indonesia Open Badminton Tournament 2017, Ricky Prayoga, an Antara journalist, fell victim of a violence committed by some Indonesian Polices Mobile Brigade personnel at the Jakarta Convention Center here on Sunday.

The violence against Prayoga was recorded by a video, which later became viral in social media.

From the video, Prayoga was seen dragged and smothered by some members of Mobile Brigade Police to a certain place, but he managed to release himself.

Prayoga remarked that the incident took place at 3 pm when a member of the Mobile Brigade Police, Adam, approached and stared at him as he was about to get into an ATM booth at the Jakarta Convention Center.

"I thought I have done something wrong, and I asked Adam what it was," Prayoga said.

"But then, Adam and his three other friends held me and tired to slam me onto the floor as if I were a thief," Prayoga went on.

This situation of the violence was recorded by a video, including the sound of loud voice from unscrupulous Mobile Brigade officers.

Prayoga said he was traumatized with the incident, as one of the officers pointed a gun at him, challenging him to fight, and uttering intimidating words.

But after that the situation began to calm down when a senior Mobile Brigade member came and tried to mediate.


Editor: Aditia Maruli Radja
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