Bengkulu (ANTARA News) - A rare endemic "Armophallus Titanium" flower, which was 3 meters in height, bloomed perfectly in a farmers plants breeding site in Tebat Monok village, Kepahiang district, Bengkulu province, a grower named Holidin informed ANTARA here on Wednesday.

"The site was opened to public during the process ahead of blooming," Holidin added.

Located in the Bukit Daun protected forest, which is about 52 kilometers from the provinces capital city, Kota Bengkulu, the site was home to some of the rare endemic flowers, including the Amorphophallus gigas, Amorphopallus variabilis, Amorphophallus faenifolius, as well as the rare giant Rafflesia arnoldii flower.

Once perfectly bloomed, the Armophallus titanium flower releases a strong odor to attract flies.

According to the grower, the flies would help in pollination.

Some locals who lived near the forest crowded the site during the blooming process.

Holidin noted that before the due date, people had visited the site to see the rare Sumatran endemic flower.

At a different occasion, Holidin stated that the rare flowers had posed some threats, including the illegal logging and wildfires.

Amid the rise in populations, the number of forests rapidly declined, Holidin noted, while adding that some forests near his home had been transformed into plantations.

Therefore, according to him, the site played an important role in preserving the rare flowers.

"I hope the countrys next generation will get a chance to see the flowers perfectly bloom in the future too," Holidin remarked, as quoted by Mongabay Indonesia. (*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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