Marsudi, Wang Yi discuss Palestine issue

Marsudi, Wang Yi discuss Palestine issue

Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi was giving a statement on Palestine crisis issue after held a meeting with OIC states ambassadors in Jakarta, on Tuesday (July 25). Indonesia called on the international society to support and protect Palestinians' right to worship, following the crisis at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem. (ANTARA FOTO/Wahyu Putro A)

Guangzhou, (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno LP Marsudi and her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi had an international telephonic conversation to discuss the crisis in Palestine.

Based on reports compiled from various official media channels in China on Thursday, the conversation was initially about efforts to improve the relations between Indonesia and China.

"The new development of relations between Indonesia and China is expected to be in line with the concept of Belt and Road," Wang Yi said here on Wednesday.

Some media did not mention the party who first took the initiative to contact by telephone.

Additionally, China Daily reported that Wang Yi stated the presidents of Indonesia and China had reached an agreement on strategic development programs and increased cooperation.

Meanwhile, Xinhua News Agency reported that Marsudi hoped for the two parties would establish mutually beneficial cooperation and equally maintain peace, security, and stability in the region.

Regarding the latest Palestinian-Israeli conflict that was increasingly alarming, Marsudi and the international community expected that China may step up its role to defuse the situation there as it got a turn as chairman of the United Nations Security Council this month.

Wang Yi stated that the rights of the Palestinian people should be respected, and urged all parties to restrain themselves and ease tensions by having a dialogue again.

"President Xi Jinping had proposed four points related to the Palestinian issue during a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the beginning of this month," he revealed.

He added that Palestinians and Israelis must work together to create mutually beneficial partnerships between the two sides.

"China is seeking to continue to play a positive role in resolving the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict," he told the official media crew in China.