Police arrest two foreigners of international skimmer syndicate

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Police have arrested two foreigners, allegedly members of an international syndicate, who broke into bank accounts by skimming debit cards.

Chief of the Indonesian Police cybercrime unit, Senior Commissioner Irwan Anwar, stated here on Wednesday that the two foreigners included a Romanian and a Moldovan.

The two suspects, identified by their initials II, 40; and IV, 37, were arrested at Varna Culture Hotel in East Java capital of Surabaya on Aug 4.

Irwan noted that police have received reports on fake debit card use in several automatic teller machines (ATM) in Bali and East Java.

Based on the investigation from CCTV recordings, the syndicate installed hidden camera and flash drive into the ATM from July 10 to 12.

The suspects installed the skimmer and mini recording camera into the ATM, and data on debit cards were copied to other cards.

The fake debit cards and personal identification number (PIN) that had been recorded with the hidden camera were then used to withdraw money in Bali, Surabaya, and Mataram.

"The case has caused financial loss of more than Rp600 million," Irwan revealed.

He disclosed that the two suspects were part of an international syndicate. "They have communications with the syndicate in the United States, Portugal, and Bulgaria. They also shared the stolen data with executors in the field."

The police have seized three Romanian and Moldovan passports, the suspects identity cards, boarding pass, five withdrawal receipts from ATMs, two keys to open ATM, three mini recorders, an avometer, encoder, four cellular phones, a laptop, external hard disc, digital camera, 25 debit cards, a receipt to exchange Euro, two suitcases, three pairs of shoes, and 29 clothes.

The case is investigated under section 362 and 406 of criminal code and law no. 19/2016 on electronic information and transaction.(*)