Indonesia, Singapore hold joint SAR exercise

Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - Search and Rescue (SAR) offices of Pontianak and Singapore held a joint exercise during the 35th Indopura SAR Exercise to improve their ability in SAR Mission Coordination.

"Thank God, this year, Pontianak was appointed as the host of SAR Mission Coordination exercise between Indonesia and Singapore," Head of Pontianak SAR Office Hery Marantikan stated here on Monday.

The event was attended by Head of Sub Directorate of Mobilization of Potential and Operation Control of Directorate of National Search and Rescue Agency, Agus Haryono; Chairman of Delegation of Singapore Rescue Coordination Centre, Tai Kit; and Observer of Singapore Search and Rescue Exercise of the International Civil Aviation Organization, Raymond Seah.

During the exercise, Indonesia was represented by SAR Offices of Pontianak, Tanjung Pinang, Pangkal Pinang, and Jambi; Headquarters of National Search and Rescue Agency; Regional Military Command XII of Tanjungpura; Navy Main Base XII of Pontianak; Directorate of Water Police of West Kalimantan Police; Supadio Air Base of Pontianak; Pontianak Port Authority Office; Supadio Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency of Pontianak; Agency of Indonesian Flight Navigation Service of Pontianak; Pontianak Immigration; and Pontianak Beach Radio Station.

Singapore was represented by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, National Environment Agency, the Republic of Singapore Air Force, the Republic of Singapore Navy, the Maritime Port Authority, Ministry of Defense, Singapore Civil Defense Force, Ministry of Health, Singapore Police Force, and Immigration and Checkpoint Authority.

The exercise will be held from Sept 10 to Sept 14.

"We hold the joint exercise around Datuk Island in Mempawah District," he added.

The main tools involved in the joint exercise including one unit of Fokker F 50, one unit of Hercules C 130 from Singapore, one unit of Sea Rider RIB, and a local fishing vessel from Indonesia.

"Through this exercise, we hope that SAR personnel of Indonesia and Singapore can increase their abilities of SAR mission coordination," he stated.(*)