Mecca, Saudi Arabia (ANTARA News) - The President of the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet`s Mosque Affairs, Sheikh Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais, said that the Indonesian language is used in the book of Khutbahs (sermons) of the holy mosques of Haramain.

"Your language is very important in the world, and this is our duty to use it to send messages of khutbahs in Haramain to the ummah (followers)," Sheikh As-Sudais said here Sunday (Feb 25), adding that Indonesian is among languages used in the khutbahs.

The holy mosques use different languages as a means of spreading Prophet Muhammad`s messages which are universal in nature and it is also in line with Saudi government`s effort to go universally in the implementation of its vision 2030.

The languages are used with new technology in order that the messages can be learned internationally, the president of the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet`s Mosque Affairs told visiting Indonesian senior journalists.

He is aware that it is now the era of media which use languages as a means of delivering messages to the public, especially their audiences both nationally and internationally.

"It is the era of media, and therefore we should join our hands, especially through digital media," he told three Indonesian senior journslists from ANTARA News Agency, The Jakarta Post and Republika.

As-Sudais said he would go with the media of the three journalists as he has a website including accounts of very advanced social media whose Arabic is then translated into many languages including Indonesian.

As the imam of the holy mosques, he considered mass media as very important and he told the three journalists that his side was expected to sign memorandums of understanding with their media companies.

Those media companies are expected to help distribute messages on King Salman`s efforts to deal with hajj pilgrims to the world, he said.


Reporter: Bambang Purwanto
Editor: Heru Purwanto
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