Sumatran tiger "Bonita" returns to forest

Sumatran tiger "Bonita" returns to forest

Archaive / Sumatera tiger (panthera tigris sumatreae) 11 December 2016. (Conservation International)

Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA News) - A female Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) called "Bonita" has returned to her home in the forest, after roaming at the oil palm plantation and fatally attacking two locals in Indragiri Hilir, Riau.

"During a patrol, our officers have reported that the Sumatran Tiger Bonita has returned to the wild," Mulyo Hutomo, head of the Bonita rescue team, informed Antara in Pekanbaru on Wednesday.

He stated that the critically endangered Sumatran tiger was roaming in the 22-kilometers-square-green belt area, which is situated in the borderline of the forest and an oil palm plantation, owned by the Malaysian-based company, PT Tabung Haji Indo Plantation (THIP).

For two months, the protected Sumatran tiger inhabited some zones in the plantation, including the Eboni 62, Eboni 63, and Eboni 64.

Hutomo stated that he will assure that the Sumatran tiger will remain in the wild and not return to the plantation or the residential area.

Hence, he will maintain coordination with the joint forces of the Indonesian Military, Indonesian National Police, the Natural Resources Conservation Office (BBKSDA), and the local government to regularly conduct patrols for rescuing the lost wild animal.

"Although Bonita has returned home, we are still conducting patrols for seeking and rescuing any wild animals that may be lost," he noted.

An immediate rescue is needed when a wild animal leaves his habitat for a prolonged period.

"We have noticed some changes in Bonita`s behavior," he stressed.

Following the incident, some 30 officers of the joint forces are still patrolling the forest to assure the safety of Bonita and the people.

These officers are divided into three groups, comprising of seven personnel and one sniper.

For two times, during the day and the night, the patrol officers will follow the tiger`s trail in the forest.

Bonita had received wide coverage from local and international news after attacking two villagers at the plantation. Her first victim reportedly was a 33-year-old-woman named Jumiati.

Meanwhile, the tiger`s second victim was a 34-year-old-man named Yusri Efendi.

Both victims are the residents of Indragiri Hilir District, Riau Province.

Reported by Anggi Romadhoni