Jakarta (ANTARA News) - House Speaker Bambang Soesatyo has urged House Commissions to push ministries and institutions concerned to monitor mass organizations to assure that they do not operate against principles put in the constitution.

He made the request here on Thursday in response to the huge number of mass organizations registered with three ministries and because of the absence of clear mechanism for monitoring their activities.

Based on the government`s data, a total of 375 mass organizations are registered with the ministry of home affairs, while 83 foreign mass organizations are registered with the ministry of foreign affairs and 324,482 with the ministry of justice and human rights.

In view of that, Soesatyo urged House Commissions I, II, and III to urge the ministries concerned as well as the police, TNI (defense forces), and National Intelligence Agency (BIN) to coordinate and conduct an integrated study with regard to monitoring the organizations "to assure that they do not violate the principles put in the constitution."

He stated that BIN must coordinate with regional BIN chiefs to conduct early detection on the movement of organizations allegedly carrying out radical and intolerant ideology.

Soesatyo also called on the national police chief to improve the performance of anti-terror squad Densus 88 in anticipating and identifying terrorists` movement and threats of terrorism.

Regional government officials from governors to city mayors, district heads, and village heads must conduct early detection activities and supervision of their community members.

Soesatyo remarked that the legislation body of the House of Representatives, together with the government, would carry out the existing regulations in order to provide clear instructions for dealing with radicalism and social control.

He also urged the ministry of communication and informatics to carry out monitoring and blocking sites and social media that spread hatred, radical ideology, intolerance, and terrorism, as well as reveal administrators of the sites and social media concerned.

Several terror attacks hit the country in the past few days, leaving dozens of people dead and others wounded.

Reporter: Riza Harahap
Editor: Andi Abdussalam
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