Muslims should be grateful for diversity: Yogyakarta police chief

Yogyakarta  (ANTARA News) - Yogyakarta Police Chief Brigadier General Ahmad Dhofiri has urged all Muslims in Indonesia to be grateful for the rich diversity that Allah has bestowed on the country.

Speaking during his Eid al-Fitr sermon at the North Square of Yogyakarta on Friday, Dhofiri remarked that the diversity of tribes, cultures, languages, customs, color, and religion, among others, is the grace and mercy of God that should continue to be maintained.

He noted that maintaining the tribal, cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity, as a gift of God, will help Indonesia to earn the respect of other nations.

Referring to the book of Al-Hujurat, verse 13, in the Holy Qur`an, the Yogyakarta police chief explained that diversity cannot be denied, as God created man not in uniformity but in diversity.

"From that distinction, God commands us to know and love one another and not for mutual enmity," Dhofiri said.

According to Dhofiri, the appreciation and maintenance of diversity can begin to be practiced in the small and simple spheres of life in the neighborhood.

"Islam teaches us to respect each other despite different religions, race, ethnicities, and color," he noted.

In his sermon, Dhofiri advised that the unity and integrity of the nation must be safeguarded from various threats to the nation`s ideology, sovereignty, and state security.