Lawmaker reiterates need to increase cooperation to counter terrorism

Lawmaker reiterates need to increase cooperation to counter terrorism

Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu explains the importance of applying the state defending program as a way to avoid terrorism and radicalism. (ANTARA /Aprillio Akbar)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Cooperation between Indonesia and other countries in fighting radicalism should continue to be improved in order to overcome its spread, Arsul Sani, a member of House Commission III, has stated.

"Cooperation should be improved with other countries for the purpose of de-radicalization and counter-radicalization, as radicalism and terrorism are not just phenomena," Asrul remarked in a written statement here on Monday.

The politician from the United Development Party believes that radicalism developing in Indonesia is a transnational ideology and a product imported from certain countries.

"Hence, the National Counter-terrorism Agency (BNPT) should be able to identify the origin of radicalism and to fight against its spread by improving cooperation with other countries," he noted.

Furthermore, he added that with the new Anti-terrorism Act, the handling of radicalism and terrorism, both at home and abroad, can be right on target.

"With the anti-terrorism law that has been passed, I am certain we can take precautionary measures against all forms of terror acts that exist, as the law provides authority to counter terrorism, not only within the territory of Indonesia but also abroad," Arsul remarked.

The former member of the Special Committee for the Revision of the Anti-Terrorism Act pointed out that in the past, the one liable for punishment in a case of terrorism was the individual involved in terrorism in Indonesia only.

"With the new anti-terrorism law, a person, who commits acts of terrorism abroad and then returns to Indonesia, can be directly processed by law, which means that global or transnational aspects of terrorism regulation in Indonesia already exist," he noted.

Indonesia and the Netherlands have affirmed their commitment to working together to fight against terrorism and drug trafficking during a meeting between their ministers of foreign affairs in Jakarta early this month.

"We are standing shoulder to shoulder with you in the global fight against terrorism," Minister of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands Stef Blok noted in a press conference at the office of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.