Indonesia, Singapore have much homework to do: Attorney general

Indonesia, Singapore have much homework to do: Attorney general

Attorney General Prasetyo. (ANTARA /Puspa Perwitasari )

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Attorney General Prasetyo said here on Thursday that Indonesia still has a lot of homework to do with Singapore in the field of law, including border agreement and workers protection.

"Others include agreements in trade and on other important issues," he stated at a meeting with his counterpart from Singapore, Lucien Wong, on the sideline of the ASEAN Meeting of Attorneys Genetal 2018 in Singapore.

In a press statement received by ANTARA, Prasetyo noted that the two countries seemed to have a common understanding and view with regard to anticipating and overcoming various problems shared by the two countries, in which regional security and welfare would be the focus of attention.

He remarked that Indonesia and Singapore have been destined to become close neighbors, with ASEAN as their shared home that has to be looked after and cared for together.

In view of that, "we have the joint task and responsibility to overcome various problems that happen around us, especially cross-border crimes such as human trafficking, terrorism, cyber crimes, and other transnational crimes.

Compared to Singapore, Indonesia has a bigger territory and population, which, if managed well, could offer potentials for the government to improve the welfare of the people, he revealed.

"So, it is hoped the hard work of the government of President Joko Widodo could improve the welfare of the people and reduce security threat or crimes in the ASEAN region," he explained.

With regard to it, Indonesia hopes for support and cooperation from Singapore to realize the government`s efforts and goal, including in overcoming serious crimes, such as drugs abuse, terrorism, corruption, and money laundering, which may disrupt common security and comfort, he elaborated.

The attorney general expressed hope that with more intensive cooperation, various legal problems that the two countries face could be settled together.

He agreed with the proposal from the Singaporean attorney general for a periodic meeting between members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), especially between the Indonesian Attorney General`s Office and Singapore`s Attorney General Chamber (AGC).

Prasetyo expressed gratefulness and thanked the AGC for supporting the presence of prosecutor attach? in Singapore, hoping that it will help bridge and communicate legal interests of the two countries more easily and effectively to preserve the integrity of ASEAN.

Attorney General Lucien Wong admitted that he was very happy and welcomed various ideas conveyed by the Indonesian attorney general.

He hoped that the cooperation in the law enforcement between the two countries and the two countries` attorney general offices would help settle law enforcement problems that the Indonesian AGO faces.

Reported by Riza Fahriza