Digitalization creates new media: Nepal union

Digitalization creates new media: Nepal union

Nepal Television Employees Association President Nepal Govinda Dhital (ANTARA news/ Azis Kurmala)

Davao, Philippines, (ANTARA News) - Nepal Television Employees Association President Govinda Dhital noted that the digital era has created new media that could reduce the overall number of reporters.

"Everyone can provide information to the public through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram," Dhital said in Davao, the Philippines, Wednesday evening, at a joint session of the Conference of the Federation of Asia Pacific Global Trade Unions (Apro Union).

Dhital pointed out that the community is no longer dependent on the mass media to find information.

With the internet, he continued, people can get global information through multiple devices.

As a result, he continued, mass media now has to compete with new media.

However, he added, there are weaknesses in the information conveyed by the community through social networking sites.

"Without verification, the information is not necessarily accurate or valid," he stated.

The mass media should play an active role in presenting accurate and valid information to maintain its presence.

"People who want to find accurate information will not look for it on social media; they will turn to the news," he said.

Indonesia, the Philippines, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and Nepal participated in the Conference of UNI Apro for MEI.