Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Military (TNI) Commander Marshall Hadi Tjahjanto has pledged to provide Yohanis Gama Marschal Lau, a 14-year-old teenager from a hamlet in East Nusa Tenggara Province, with a scholarship scheme for his brave act of heroism.

Hailing from Halimuti Hamlet of Silawan Village, Belu District, Yohanis, commonly known as Joni, would receive the scholarship until he graduates from senior high school, the TNI spokesman, Major General Sabrar Fadhilah, said here on Saturday.

"Military Chief Marshall Hadi Tjahjanto will provide the scholarship to appreciate Joni`s bravery and act of heroism to enable the national flag to be hoisted on Friday," he stated.

After his graduation from his senior high school, he would be given priority for being recruited as a TNI solider if he wanted to join the Indonesian Defence Forces, he noted, adding that he was also invited to attend the 18th Asian Games` opening ceremony.

Joni became popular after a video of his brave act of heroism during the Red-and-White flag raising ceremony at his village on Friday went viral on Youtube and other social media platforms.

He spontaneously came to the flag pole after realizing that the flag-hoisting team members were unable to raise the flag due to improper position of the rope on top of the pole.

No one had ordered Joni, currently a Year-7 student of SMPN Silawan (public junior high school), to take the brave act of heroism that could have actually risked his life.

Instead of surrendering to the calls of those persuading him to go down, he continued to climb to reach the top and adjusted the rope`s position to enable the flag-hoisting team members to hoist the national flag.

Fadhilah remarked that a lot of Indonesians highly appreciated Joni`s heroic act after watching the video on the social media platforms.

Sports and Youth Minister Imam Nahrawi has also shown his sympathy by inviting Joni to Jakarta. Accompanied by his parents, Viktor Lino Fahik Marsal and Lorensa Gama, Joni met Nahrawi on Saturday.

"Joni has shown us an extraordinary commitment. He has sacrificed everything for the sake of our national flag," Nahrawi explained, adding that he promised to invite Joni to watch one of the Asian Games` sport events.

Joni has also been pledged a scholarship scheme by the state-own electricity company, PLN.

Reporting by Syaiful Hakim

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