Asian Games 2018

Asian Games - Chinese women`s basketball team wins gold after defeating Korea

Asian Games - Chinese women`s basketball team wins gold after defeating Korea

China and United Korea vie for a gold medal in the women's basketball finals at the Asian Games 2018 at the Senayan Sports Stadium in Jakarta on Saturday (May 1, 2018). (ANTARA News/Gilang Galiartha)

Jakarta, (ANTARA) - China won the 2018 Asian Games women`s basketball gold medal after beating United Korea 71-65 in the final at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, on Saturday.

The result made China increasingly sharpen its record as the most women`s basketball holder in the Asian Games with a seventh victory.

Efficient in attacking and strong under the basket was the main key to China`s victory, which secured 45 rebounds throughout the game or 14 times more than what Korea had collected.

On the other hand, Korea, which has tried to release more tripoin shots in this game, throws away a lot of experiments by only achieving 29 percent accuracy from 17 tripoin shots. The same thing happened on free throws which only reached 76 percent.

The collectivity and evenness of talent was shown by China, which showed that all players who were above 10 minutes of flooring contributed at least two points for the team`s victory.

China`s captain, Shao Ting, performed his duties well leading his team`s points by 17 points and 6 assists, followed by double-double 12 points and 10 rebounds by Li Yueru and 10 points from Li Meng.

In the Korean camp, their captain Li Yung-hui was also the model of his team, posting 24 points and 5 rebounds assisted by double-double 15 points, 13 rebounds and 6 blocks belonging to their young star who now defends Las Vegas Aces in the US Women`s Basketball League (WNBA) Park Ji-su and 13 points and 6 assists from Park Hye-jin.

China appeared calm at the start of the match and even packed 10 points without reply until the first three minutes. Korea can only score replies through Ji-su`s jump shot in the remaining 6 minutes 25 seconds of the first quarter.

Yang Liwei`s tripoin shot in the remaining 5 minutes makes China hold a comfortable advantage 15-6. Nevertheless Korea responded with a series of 16-8 points in five minutes to stick to China 22-23 tight when finishing the first quarter.

In the second quarter, China started the game well again, through tripoin Li Meng which made their advantage increased to 26-22. But Korea`s enthusiasm was not extinguished and tripoin Hye-jin`s shot made it as strong as 32-32 in the remaining 6 minutes of the second quarter.

Two free throws of Han Xu had brought China a little away 36-32, but Korea again equalized 36-36 through one of two free throws Yung-hui. The first half of the match ended in a 38-38 draw.

Entering the third quarter of Korea finally felt the 40-38 advantage through Yung-hui`s jump shot, but it only lasted as long as corn. A lay-up from Li Yueru ended the fast break attack while also driving China back to 46-40 in the remaining 6 minutes 43 seconds of the third quarter.

Hard efforts launched by Korea can only cut their distance to 53-58 when they end the third quarter. What`s more, they had to lose Ro Suk-yong due to being foul out in the remaining 1 minute 19 seconds of the third quarter.

The excitement of the Chinese players after it was confirmed to win.

Nevertheless, Korea opened the fourth quarter with high determination, forcing China to remain non-points in the first three minutes, while Yung-hui`s jump shot made a 55-58 thin position.

China finally scored their first number in the fourth quarter when Han Xu put a lay-up over Ji-su`s challenge with 6 minutes 59 seconds remaining to change the position to 60-57.

The two teams have since been difficult enough to score, but China made a little more than 6-4 when Li Yueru changed the position to 66-61 with 3 minutes remaining.

Koreans who have already begun to lose their concentration and have not scored much even though their defense is still quite thick, unfortunately the thickness of the defense does not change the final result, namely 71-65 victory for China.

Reported by Gilang Galiartha


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