Antam`s gold production until August reaches 18.83 tons

Antam`s gold production until August reaches 18.83 tons

PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) employee shows imitated precious metal in Medan, North Sumatra, in March 2018. (ANTARA /Septianda Perdana)

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - State-owned mining company PT Antam`s gold production until August or in the first semeter of this year has reached 18.83 tons.

Based on data received by Antara in Jakarta on Wednesday the company`s gold production target this year is about 25.4 tons. The remaining volume of production that has to be met after September this year is 6.5 tons.

Domestic sales, up to August 2018, have been 10.72 tons since the beginning of the year, assuming the 2018 target is 13 tons.

Exports throughout 2018 are targeted at 12.3 tons. Re realization until now is 7.37 tons.

Meanwhile, for silver the target in 2018 is set at 14.97 tons with the realization of the target from January to August 2018 reaching 11.16 tons. So that the remaining target until the end of the year is 3.8 tons.

Domestic sales are targeted at 15.2 tons for 2018, with sales to August amounting to 8.2 tons (first semester 2018).

Antam`s bauxite Ore production is targeted at 1,169,722 tons with the realization of up to August 2018 of 663,455 tons. The remaining target is 506,267 tons.

Realization of Ore nickel until Semester I 2018 was 3,206,911 tons from the target of 4,684,947 throughout 2018. And realization of Ferronickel in the first semester was reached 17,190 tons of the total target of 24,650 tons in 2018. *** 3 ***

Reporting by Afut Syafril Nursyirwan
Editing by Andi Abdussalam