Takengon, Aceh (ANTARA News) - The National Committee of UNESCO on the Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB) encouraged the Provincial Administration of Aceh and North Sumatra to immediately establish the Mount Leuser Biosphere Reserve institution to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under an environmental perspective.

"We hope the Administrations of Aceh and North Sumatra will immediately establish an institution for the Leuser Biosphere Reserve because Leuser was established as a biosphere reserve in 1981," the Chairperson of the MAB-UNESCO National Committee, Enny Sudarmonowati, said here on Friday on the sidelines of visiting Kupi Tebes Lues village in Central Aceh District.

Sudarmonowati explained that the institution is a form of the commitment of local administrations whose areas are included in the biosphere reserve zones. The institution is directly led by the head of administrations and managed under a cross-sectoral system.

According to her, the institution can be alternately managed between the provincial administrations because the Mount Leuser Ecosystem area covers Aceh and North Sumatra.

"We are expecting this institution to be established in one year. The presence of this institution will be very important to undertake branding and promote the Leuser Biosphere Reserve better," Sudarmonowati said.

She added that without the institution, the provincial administrations would find it difficult for branding and promotion of the Leuser Biosphere Reserve.

A biosphere reserve is a site designated by various countries through the MAB-UNESCO program. This site promotes biodiversity conservation and SDGs based on the efforts of local communities and reliable science.

A biosphere reserve is an area that describes the harmonious relationship of economic development, community empowerment and environmental protection.

"This means that the development in the area is carried out in harmony between the people and the natural environment without destroying the forests," she said.

Sudarmonowati pointed out that the Leuser Biosphere Reserve has a combination of three functions, namely logistics, research, as well as science and technology. All these functions will provide added value in an effort to improve the welfare of the people in the future.

According to her, the Leuser Biosphere Reserve institution, which involves all sectors, will also seek the achievement of the SDGs programs.

Sudarmonowati added that Gayo Alas Mountain International Festival (GAMIFest) is also a part of development acceleration programs in the central region of Aceh.

"The event, which is held in four districts and cities in the central region of Aceh, can also be used as a means to promote the Leuser Biosphere Reserve," she said.

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