Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - PT Pertamina (Persero) West Kalimantan Region stated that the use of bright 5.5 kilograms of gas in the province in 2018 recorded an increase of 183 percent over the previous year.

"Currently, the average use of non-subsidized LPG for bright gas 5.5 kilograms in West Kalimantan is showing an increase, recorded at around 23,700 tubes per month," said Pertamina`s Pontianak LPG Executive Sales Sandy Rahadian, when contacted from Pontianak on Friday.

He explained that in 2017, the average sales of bright gas 5.5 kilograms in West Kalimantan were at around 8,400 tubes per month, and now in 2018, there were 23,700 tubes per month or an increase of 183 percent.

"This increase is inseparable from the incessant socialization carried out by Pertamina in collaboration with the district / city governments in West Kalimantan, related to the prohibition on civil servants from using three kilograms of LPG and the encouragement to move toward non-subsidized LPG, one of which is bright gas of 5.5 kilograms," he said.

In addition, according to him, the increase was also the result of a rise in the awareness of people who were able to switch to using non-subsidized gas, from previously using the three-kilogram LPG or subsidized LPG.

Previously, Pertamina Kalbarteng Marketing Branch Manager Teuku Johan Miftah said the intense gas campaign was incessant, so subsidized LPG or three-kilogram LPG can be used by people who have the right to use it.

He also expressed his appreciation toward the support of the district / city governments in West Kalimantan on the subsidy conscious movement, namely that subsidized LPG will be used by the rightful people by switching to non-subsidized LPG, one of which is bright gas 5.5 kilograms.

He added that LPG subsidies are intended for the household sector and micro businesses in accordance with government regulations by looking at the maximum turnover of Rp. 300 million per year or Rp. 800 thousand per day.

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