Lake Limboto charm festival sets off to spectacular start

Lake Limboto charm festival sets off to spectacular start

Lake Limboto in Gorontalo Province. (ANTARA Photo/ Adiwinata Solihin)

Gorontalo (ANTARA News) - The opening of the Limboto Lake Charm Festival (FPDL), which was held on the coast of Limboto Lake, Gorontalo District, Gorontalo Province, on Thursday night was lively, because of the various spectacular performances.

Beginning with a colossal dance performance, thousands of visitors were presented with a variety of traditional dances and creations from local sons and daughters.

Besides that, the colorful fireworks illuminated the sky of Lake Limboto after it was officially opened on a stage above the lake and roofed with a makuta or giant crown made from bamboos.

FPDL Committee Chairman Hen Restu said the annual event will be held in a number of locations, namely the lake coastal areas, Taulaa beach, Biluhu District and Dulamayo peak.

"This year, we carry the theme `Lake Limboto, Mutiara Gorontalo (the Peral of Gorontalo)`, where this activity aims to foster awareness among all parties to save Lake Limboto as a potential tourism destination that will be diverse," he said.

He explained the potential of the lake, in terms of the fish, reptiles and birds that exist in it.

This festival also serves as a place to promote local wisdom, culinary variety, culture and arts, and tourist destinations," he said.

Restu admitted that the festival was a means to promote the lake itself, customs, and art and culture, which was followed by the local government, regional government companies (BUMD), state-owned enterprises (BUMN), and the private sector such as tourism operators, artists, secondary school students, university students and the general public.

Reporting by Adiwinata Solihin
Editing by Andi Abdussalam