Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - State oil company PT Pertamina has prepared five locations for the sale of one price fuel oil in Maluku Province this year.

"We have prepared five locations in 2018 for the sale of one price fuel oil in the districts of Buru, Aru Islands, East Seram, Southwest Maluku, and West Southeast Maluku, in the province of Maluku," Pertamina Unit of Communication and CSR Manager Eko Kristiawan remarked a workshop and media gatherings here on Friday.

He said Pertamina was targeting the operation of one price of fuel oil in Maluku to be carried out in October 2018.

"According to our target, the operation of one price of fuel will be effective from October 2018, but it is possible to accelerate it so that all regions in eastern Indonesia, especially Papua and Maluku, are completed this year," he said.

Eko explained that the operation of gas stations that serve one price fuel oil can help people to enjoy the same fuel prices as those in other regions.

He said the one price fuel oil program can be enjoyed by residents throughout Indonesia, especially in the eastern Indonesia region which is the category of underdeveloped, frontier and outermost regions (3T).

"Through this one-price program, it is also expected that the economic turnover of people in the 3T areas will increase and develop," he said.

Earlier in 2017, Pertamina also operated one price fuel oil location at Amalatu mini gas station in Latu Village, West Seram District.

Reporting by Penina Fiolana Mayaut
Editing by Otniel Tamindael

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