Indonesia calls for reconciliation and justice for peace

Indonesia calls for reconciliation and justice for peace

The Indonesian Vice President, Jusuf Kalla (Vice President Press Secretariat)

New York (ANTARA News) - Indonesian vice president Jusuf Kalla has called for dialog, reconciliation and justice for the whole communities to build world peace.

At a World Peace Summit to mark the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela at the United Nations Headquarters here on Monday he said reconciliation and justice are values that human right fighter Nelson Mandela has taught in his efforts to liberate his people from the discriminatory system of apartheid.

Mandela`s struggle has inspired the world and not only the people of South Africa, he said.

"I believe in the value of reconciliation. He referred as an example the successful process of reconciliation in Aceh (Indonesian province). The creation of peace in Aceh has made it possible for economic development to continue and former separatist leaders are now holding important government positions," he said.

He said the culture of dialog could build peace as well as good relations between countries, tolerance between different religions and faiths and alliance of civilization.

"We also believe that dialog could help overcome hate speech, radicalism and violent extremism," he said.

Kalla said peace is a prerequisite for development. Sustainable development will be impossible to do without it and development will only be sustainable if it is carried out justly in and between communities, he said.

"In view of this the UN and all its organs and agencies must continue promoting and assuring global peace and a just and sustainable development for all members with noone being left behind," he said.

On the occasion Kalla recalled his memory of Mandela. "I am lucky I could meet with him in 2003. I remembered him as a person with a calm character, a modest figure with strong confidence. I also like his colorful batik T-shirt that reflects his spirit, " he said.

Reporting by M Arief Iskandar
Editing by Yoseph Haryadi