Pangkalpinang (ANTARA) - General Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Jusuf Kalla urged PMI across all levels in provinces, districts, and cities in Indonesia to implement environmental improvement programs to prevent natural disasters due to environmental damage.

"Currently, PMI has a new program, namely environmental improvement," Kalla remarked while inaugurating the Chairman and Management of PMI in the Bangka Belitung Islands for the 2024-2029 period here on Thursday.

He stated that currently, several countries in the world are being hit by disasters due to climate change.

He cited the example of major floods that struck on Thursday (May 2) in China and India, while Thailand also experienced extraordinary heat. Meanwhile, Africa is also experiencing a long drought.

"Natural disasters that occur globally are the result of environmental damage and extreme climate change," he remarked.

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He said the environmental improvement program carried out by PMI was a step to minimize and prevent natural disasters caused by environmental damage.

"We must not carelessly cause environmental damage. This will cause natural disasters and will also cause various diseases," he cautioned.

Kalla also emphasized PMI's commitment to making various efforts for humanity.

"In Bangka Belitung, it is considered safe. However, in Jambi, there was a natural disaster. Therefore, PMI in this area will help people who are victims of the disaster," he stated.

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