Compared with last June, it was 50 thousand cases per day, and now the average case (count) is 500 per day, or down 99 percent
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Jusuf Kalla has asked the government and the public to stay alert ahead of the third COVID-19 wave.

Though the number of cases of COVID-19 transmission in various regions in Indonesia has decreased by 99 percent, the government and the public should stay vigilant during the pandemic, he said.

"COVID-19 cases in Indonesia have currently decreased by 99 percent. However, we are also still preparing for a third wave. We hope it will not happen," Kalla said after meeting the Dutch Government representatives at the PMI Headquarter here on Tuesday.

The potential for the third COVID-19 wave has also been predicted in several countries, he noted. In Indonesia, the average number of cases has decreased from 50 thousand to 500 cases per day, he said.

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"Compared with last June, it was 50 thousand cases per day, and now the average case (count) is 500 per day, or down 99 percent," Kalla informed.

The former vice president then asked all Indonesians to continue to maintain discipline in implementing the health protocols, especially ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The government is currently working on controlling COVID-19 transmission, including providing facilities that meet the required standards, he said.

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"Now, the most important thing is we have to implement strict health protocols because the government has worked well to handle the pandemic," he added.

Meanwhile, to anticipate the third wave of COVID-19, the government is trying to obtain 600 thousand to 1 million doses of antivirus medication Molnuvirapir in December this year, he said.

The antivirus medication, which is claimed to reduce mortality and hospitalization due to COVID-19 up to 50 percent, can be purchased for under Rp 1 million, he added.

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