BI cooperates with banks to offer currency exchange service

BI cooperates with banks to offer currency exchange service

Bank Indonesia (BI) (ANTARA)

Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA News) - Bank Indonesia (BI) Representative Office, Maluku, again cooperated with 17 banks in Ambon for offering exchange services for paper and metal rupiah, starting from Rp20 thousand, Rp10 thousand, Rp5 thousand, Rp2 thousand, and Rp1 thousand.

The service is also for coins ranging from Rp1 thousand, Rp500, Rp200, and Rp100, Head of the Maluku Province BI Representative Office Bambang Pramasudi remarked while giving a speech at the signing of a memorandum of understanding on money exchange service between the BI Maluku Province and 17 commercial banks in the City of Ambon on Friday.

The 17 banks that signed the cooperation agreement today with BI Maluku are BNI banks, BRI, Mandiri, BPM, BPD Maluku/North Maluku, BCA, Bank Panin, Danamon, Niaga, Mei Bank, Property, Sinar mas, Mayora, Nobu , Maya on, Maumalat, and Mandiri Islamic bank.

Pramasudi remarked that one of BI`s tasks was to circulate the rupiah across Indonesia not only in terms of the amount but also the quality being circulated in the community.

"BI Maluku, apart from having deposited cash, also cooperates with 17 banks in Maluku Province," he noted.

He remarked that the main task was to conduct small currency exchange services, so that the money is printed perfectly, and people in this area can avail exchange services in 17 banks that today signed a partnership agreement with BI Maluku.

He noted that service to the community will be divided according to the schedule wherein three to four banks provide exchange services in line with the schedule that will be distributed.

"Even in each bank, BI will put up information about the money exchange schedule," he remarked.

For instance, if one of Bank Mandiri`s customers today wants to exchange money, but it turns out that according to the schedule, it is not at Bank Mandiri, then in that case, the customers can avail the service at the nearest bank in accordance with the bank`s designated schedule.

BI Maluku continues to offer exchange services for the banking world, but if the currency is damaged, in particular, for instance, cut off or separated more than half, then it can still be exchanged at BI.

"Hence, cooperation with these banks aims to help the community. Hence, there is no need to go all the way to BI, but the people can directly approach the nearest bank to exchange their money," he added.

Reporting by Shariva Alaidrus
Editing by Eliswan Azly