Government builds Asia`s best observatory telescope in Lampung

Government builds Asia`s best observatory telescope in Lampung

A member of moon sighting committee of the Ministry of Religious Affairs was observing the new moon to determine the commencement of fasting month at Bali's Patra Beach, Kuta, Last May. (Antara photo / Nyoman Budhiana)

Pesawaran, Lampung (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian provincial government of Lampung builds an observatory telescope which is located in the forest park (Tahura) of Wan Abdul Rachman, Lampung and expected to be the best in Asia.

The observatory telescope would be the first in Lampung and the governor has set a target to make it the best in Asia, said acting assistant for the provincial Economy and Development affairs Taufik Hidayat, over the weekend.

"I am very grateful for the supports of many parties to make this dream come true," Hidayat remarked at the groundbreaking function of

the observatory telescope.

According to him, construction of the observatory coincided with the 10th Southeast Asia Astronomy Network (SEAAN) 2018 event on October 19-21 hosted by Lampung Province.

Taufik also said, his party had provided around 50 hectares of land in this area with the position of the observatory telescope is around 1,300 meters above sea level (MDPL).

Reporting by Agus Wira Sukarta
Editing by Bustanuddin