Ambon (ANTARA News) - The central bank Bank Indonesia (BI) representative office of Maluku Province will carry out mobile cash expedition, the second exped Tition in 2018, in order to improve the quality of circulating money in the outermost, foremost, lagging (3T) islands.

"We will carry out this second expedition and it will take place at the end of October with routes starting from the regions in West Southeast Maluku (MTB), Southwest Maluku (MBD) to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)," Head of Bank Indonesia Representative Office (BI) Maluku Province Bambang Pramasudi said here on Sunday.

For the third expedition plan, he continued, it will take place in November 2018 with routes starting from the Eastern Seram region to West Papua, especially the islands classified as 3T.

Whereas the first expedition for 2018 has been carried out some time ago with the route starting from West Seram and the surrounding area to North Maluku.

According to Bambang, the main task of BI is to assure the smoothness of payment system which includes the distribution of the rupiah notes and coins across the country.

"In this context, BI is happy to strengthen the circulation of rupiah in the territory of Indonesia, including all regions in Maluku by adding mobile cash services, cash deposits and BI Reach, through a three-pillar policy," he said.

The three pillars are availability of qualified and reliable money; safe and optimal distribution and processing of money; and prime cash services.

Bambang stressed that a consistent rupiah circulation across the country would need a synergy with banks and other institutions to meet public demands, among others through the cash deposits unit.

"The cash deposits is the provision of rupiah in one of the banks to supply cash for banks in the region and meet the needs of the people in the area," he said.

Reporting by Shariva Alaidrus
Editing by Eliswan

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