London (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi is visiting the Netherlands, France and Switzerland in preparations for Indonesia`s Road to Olympic Games and Sport Branding of its martial arts towards the world`s biggest sports event in 2032.

In the Netherlands, the minister held a meeting with Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, Netherland Pecak Silat federation (Nederlandse Pencak Silat Federatie/NPSF) President Olivier Olivier Blanchet and representatives of the Indonesian Embassy in London, Renata Siagian of the Indonesian Embassy in London, said here on Thursday.

According to Siagian, Ambassador Wesaka Puja expressed hope that pencak silat (martial arts) would develop in the Netherlands.

"I think, the slogan: "tak kenal maka tak sayang" (not known so not loved) is an appropriate term for pencak silat in the Netherlands," the ambassador said.

He expressed hope that cooperation among the Indonesian Ministry of Youth ad Sports, Indonesian embassy in the Netherlands and the NPSF would continue to develop pencat silat in the Netherlands.

NPSF President Olivier Blanchet said meanwhile the Netherlands now had about 40 pencak silat communities grouped in NPSF. "Next year, our members are expected to increase to 50 or 60 groups."

He said NPSF was dreaming of organizing a European Pencak Silat Championship. Therefore, he asked support from the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports, martial arts athletes and the Indonesian embassy in the Hague to help the NPSF`s big dream.

Secretary General of of the Indonesian Pencak Silat community, Teddy Suratmadji said in his presentation that the Indonesian pencak silat organization is keen in making pencak silat a sport event to be competed in the Olympic Games.

"This year, pencak silat is one the sports events competed in the Asian Games. Of the 30 gold medals at stake in this event, 14 were grabbed by Indonesia," Suratmadji said.

In his address, Minister Nahrawi said he appreciated the participation of all sides in fighting for the development of pencak silat in Europe.

"This is a non stop mission. We will continue to support efforts to popularize pencak silat so that it is loved and accepted by the European people," he added.

Reported by Zeynita Gibbons
Editing by Andi Abdussalam

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Fardah Assegaf
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