Toshiba supports Indonesia`s energy development

Toshiba supports Indonesia`s energy development


Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Toshiba continues to support the development of energy in Indonesia which so far has been carried out through the utilization of technology in developing steam, geothermal and hydro power plants.

President Director of PT Toshiba Asia Pacific Indonesia Fumihiro Okada in a press statement said in Jakarta on Wednesday that his side also supported the efforts to increase local contents so that products would be closer to consumers through direct maintenance service power plant facilities and partnership with local companies.

The company has supplied or received orders for 16 thermal steam turbine units, 42 hydraulic turbine units and five geothermal steam turbine units throughout Indonesia, which contributed to a combined capacity of more than 9.5 GW.

?? Toshiba also received a contract to supply three 75 MW water turbines and generators for the Malea hydroelectric power project which are additional orders to two 45 MW turbines and a previous hydro generator.

Since Agusut 2018, the company has agreed on a memorandum of understanding with the National Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) regarding H2One or hydrogen energy systems outside the independent network based on renewable energy and the use of hydrogen as fuel for electricity generation in Indonesia.

?? The company also acquired the majority ownership of PT Envitech Perkasa to provide water treatment solutions in more than 200 industrial projects since 2011.

Now, Toshiba`s business portfolio includes electricity transmission and distribution as well as infrastructure solutions such as rail transportation and building facilities related to lighting, elevators and temperature control for the industry.

?? Corporate Representative-Asia, Toshiba Corporation and Managing Director, Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Tatsuo Doko emphasized that Indonesia is an important market because it continues to strive to promote sustainable economic development.

?? To realize this, energy and infrastructure development are fundamental features that must be fulfilled to support growth performance.

"We continue to strive to provide reliable and cleaner energy and create a safe, secure and resilient society through reliable infrastructure," said Doko.

Currently, according to state-owned power firm PT PLN`s Electricity Supply Business Plan for 2018-2027, the capacity of the power plant in 2025 is expected to double compared to 2017, from 50 GW to 106 GW.

?? With this projection, Indonesia has become a potential market for increasing investment in the energy sector, moreover Indonesia is currently the country with the largest economy in ASEAN.

Reporting by Satyagraha
Editing by Andi Abdussalam