President affirms Indonesia`s resolve to become world`s maritime power

President affirms Indonesia`s resolve to become world`s maritime power

The President gave the inauguration address of the Our Ocean Conference in Nusa Dua, Bali on Monday (10/29/2018). (Bayu Prasetyo)

Nusa Dua, Bali (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) expressed Indonesia`s determination to become the world`s maritime power, revealing that the country has decided its maritime policy and plan of action.

"In order to become the world`s maritime axis, Indonesia has been active in developing maritime cooperation with ASEAN, IORA, South Pacific, the United Nations and with other international forums," the head of state said.

The president made the remarks in his opening address of the Fifth Our Ocean Conference in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Monday.

Jokowi said that in the last four years, the government has taken various steps, including increasing connectivity through a sea toll project by strengthening the see fleet and the construction of 477 ports.

He also explained the reduction of marine pollution with a target of reducing plastic waste in the sea by 70 percent in 2025 and the government`s achievement developing a watershed conservation area covering 20 million hectares in 2018, two years ahead of the 2020 target.

Ahead, continued President Jokowi, Indonesia also wants to advance maritime cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

Therefore, together with ASEAN and ASEAN partners, the Indo-Pacific concept of cooperation is being developed by Indonesia by emphasizing the habit of dialogue and cooperation in inclusiveness of respect for international law.

"We all have to be brave to make commitments and take concrete steps that begin with each of us," said the Head of State.

According to him, these commitments and steps must be felt by the wider community and have a real impact on marine protection.

Reporting by Bayu Prasetyo
Editing by Andi Abdussalam, Sri Haryati