Ministry actively develops entrepreneurs in creative industry

Ministry actively develops entrepreneurs in creative industry

Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto (right) (ANTARA News/ Biro Humas Kementerian Perindustrian)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto confirmed that his ministry is actively developing startup entrepreneurs in the creative industry sector.

The effort is in line with the readiness to seize opportunities and capitalize on the momentum of the demographic bonus that Indonesia will enjoy in 2030 later.

"The domestic creative industry is able to make a significant contribution to the economy. Hence, we continue to increase our competitiveness in the domestic and global arena and also ready to enter the digital economy era," Hartarto stated in a statement in Jakarta on Monday.

Contribution of Indonesia`s creative industry to the gross domestic product (GDP) in the last three years continues to increase.

In 2015, the sector had contributed Rp852 trillion to the GDP, while in 2016, the figure reached Rp923 trillion, and increased to Rp990 trillion in 2017. The figure is projected to reach up to Rp1,000 trillion in 2018.

Hartarto stated that the Ministry of Industry had established the Bali Creative Industry Center (BCIC) in Denpasar since 2015. The Technopark aims to be a center of innovation in the development of craft, fashion, film, animation, video subsector, as well as applications and games.

"All facilities are built by the Ministry of Industry. We continue to see where the progress of the startup is going. Now, it has run 14 batches from various training programs," he noted.

Those who have produced superior products can complete their training program. Participants of this program managed to get work from home and abroad.

"This facility is free, and all potential talent in Bali and other cities can use this building in groups. We will continue to provide training programs in accordance with the digital era," the minister of industry stated.

More entrepreneurs are expected to capitalize on the technology and facilities for the digital economy.

The ministry`s Director General of Small and Medium Industries (IKM) Gati Wibawaningsih explained that several programs were implemented at the BCIC, including the Creative Business Incubator.

This year, the ministry`s Directorate General of IKM collaborates with the Business Venturing and Development Institute Prasetya Mulya.

"Through the program, creative IKM players in the fields of crafts and fashion will be offered training and assistance to develop their business," Wibawaningsih remarked.

The Indonesia Fashion and Craft Awards activities are also scheduled. This year, the Directorate General of IKM collaborates with the Taiwan Design Center to increase the capacity of local designers.

"We have mapped out the potential of innovative designers to be promoted to grow and develop optimally," she stated.

A Design Laboratory activity is also being held as a platform for collaboration between designers, practitioners, and IKM centers to produce new product designs that aim to improve the competitiveness of IKM products.

The program also aims to develop technology research, design, art, culture, and innovation for the national creative industry.

Reporting by Sella Panduarsa Gareta
Editing by Andi Abdussalam, Sri Haryati