Ternate, N. Maluku, (ANTARA News) - The Communications, Informatics and Statistic Service (Kominfo) of the Tidore islands of North Maluku will build more units of telecommunications towers (BTS) in the islands.

Head of the Kominfo service of Tidore Islands Muhammad Yusuf said on Wednesday the BTS units will be built in Topo, Sirongo Folaraha, and Fobaharu villages, Ake Guraci, Talasi, Sigela Yeff, Wama, Hager, and in the village of Talaga and Rum in sub-district of Tidore Utara.

The towers would be built in nine locations in 2019, Yusuf said, adding, Tidore is not included in the category of outer, backward and isolated area , but the government has promised to build the towers.

He said he had also proposed installation of internet program for use by the district administration, health centers and schools in Tidore in 2019.

Reporting by Abdul Fatah, Albert Saragih
Editing by Suharto

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Editor: Suharto
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