Jokowi, son have same opinion when assessing media

Jokowi, son have same opinion when assessing media

President Joko Widodo enjoys a weekend with wife, children, grandchildren, son and daughter in law at the Presudential Palace in Bogor on Saturday (8/12) . (Hanni Sofia)

Bogor, W Java, (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and his eldest son Gibran Rakabuming Raka have the same opinion while evaluating the media, which they consider to have contributed greatly to their lives now.

Jokowi and Raka took turns to evaluate their views on the media during Jokowi family`s casual talk show with the media at the Grand Garden Restaurant in the Bogor Botanical Gardens Complex on Saturday.

"Yes, for me, the media are friends who raised me from zero to what I am today. They helped me when there was appositive or negative news, because the news was profitable for me. Yes, I thank all the media friends present here, " the catering businessman stated.

He gave an example of his martabak business, the Markobar, which is now increasingly popular. He also thanked the media for its role it publicizing it.

"For example, Markobar is just street food found on the side of the road. It would not have become popular without the support of the media. I emphasize to young people that if you are serious about even the smallest job, the business will definitely grow big," Raka remarked.

He was also sure that his success was due to the services of journalists who had participated in raising the business he started.

"I am sure that all young people will certainly idolize a person such as Nadiem Makarim, who is the founder of Go-Jek, the motorcycle taxi service. He started his business with something really small and very trivial and with few motorcycle taxi drivers. I am sure the business would not have been developed without help from media friends," he elaborated.

He revealed how even Go-Jek has gone international by expanding its business wing to other countries too.

"Now we can see that Go-Jek has been launched in Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, and all countries in Asia. The media is the one who raised it," he explained.

Jokowi confirmed Raka`s opinion and considered the media to have played a big role, especially in his political career.

"Yes, that is what Raka said. Before I became a mayor in 2004, nobody knew me," he added.

He recalled that his name became popular only when the media started to publicize him.

"When local media began to publicize me, the national media took over. It actually began from there," he pointed out.

Reporting by Hanni Sofia, Eliswan Azly

Editing by Sri Haryati