Pontianak, W. Kalimantan, Dec 8 (ANTARA News) - The Japanese Embassy in Indonesia has granted an ambulance for a clinic of Alam Sehat Lestari Foundation (Asri) in Sukadana, the district of Kayong Utara, West Kalimantan Province.

Head of Kayong Utara District Citra Duani expressed thankfulness here on Saturday saying that the ambulance is badly needed by the clinic to transport patients in emergency to the Ketapang Hospital.

"We highly appreciate the assistance. It comes when the district administration is set to improve health care service in this area in the next five years," Citra said.

Second Secretary of the Japanese Embassy Kazuho Yoshida said the Japanese Government has a program of grant aid for areas needing financial aid.

He said the aid is a form of concern of the Japanese government for the public health especially people around National Park of Mount Palung, as a world lung.

"Health facility in the district of Kayong Utara is still far from being adequate that many patients have to be referred to Ketapang Hospital which can take two hour by car," he said.

In addition, the Japanese Government also wants to help Indonesia busy with development especially human resource development, he said.

Reporting by Teguh and Rizal
Editing by Rahmad Nasution

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Eliswan Azly
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