Banda Aceh, Dec 11 (ANTARA News) - A total of 20 Rohingyas stranded in Kuala Idi, East Aceh, on Tuesday (Dec 4) morning have been moved to the Gepeng Gampong (village) orphanage in Lhoek Banie, Langsa Barat District, Langsa City, Aceh.

"They have been transferred to the Gepeng Gampong (village) orphanage in Lhoek Banie, Langsa Barat District, Langsa City on Friday (Dec 9)," Head of the Langsa Class II Immigration Office, Mirza Akbar, stated when contacted by Antara from Banda Aceh on Tuesday.

Akbar acknowledged that the 20 Rohingyas had lived in the local Immigration Office`s Mushalla for four nights, namely from Dec 5 to 9, 2018.

"As they are under the supervision of the authorities, they are temporarily handled by the Langsa City Government through the local Social Service," he noted.

The 20 Rohingyas are Abdul Karim (12), Abdul Rohim (14), Abdul Risyik (19), Abdul Maur (16), Muhammad Taka (18), Muhammad Amin (14), Muhammad Hayas, Muhammad Salim (27), Muhammad Salim (17), Muhammad Nur Syumi (18), and Muhammad Idris (18).

Hafiz Muhammad Ismail (20), Nur Islam (19), Suimamba 50), Amir Ali (28), Solomullah (24), Harisyik (16), Rusyi Tamot (28) Syakkara Homma (23), and Muhammad Zubir ( 14).

Panglima Laot (Customary Marine Institution) Head in Idi Region, East Aceh, Razali Muhammad Ali previously stated that the Rohingyas were not stranded but had docked or stopped at Kuala Idi because of bad weather at sea.

"Upon entering Kuala Idi, the Rohingyas? wooden boat was still running, and there was 250 liters of fuel left in the boat. Their destination was Malaysia, but because of bad weather, they entered Kuala Idi," Ali explained.

The Aceh government claims to have written to the Coordinating Ministry for Politics, Law and Security (Kemenkopolhukam) on not to proceed with the handling of stranded Rohingyas.

"We continue to coordinate with the central government, by sending a letter to Kemenkopolhukam and related ministries," the Head of the Aceh Social Service, Alhudri, in Banda Aceh, revealed.

He added that the handling of foreigners entering Indonesia, especially refugees and foreign asylum seekers, must be in harmony with the ideas contained in the United Nations Refugee Convention 1951, and the Protocol on the Status of Refugee Nations 1967.

The Government of Indonesia has issued Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No.125 / 2016 concerning Handling of Refugees from abroad by considering implementing provisions in accordance with Article 27 paragraph (2) of Law No. 37/1999 concerning Foreign Relations.

Reporting by Irman Yusuf


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